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Customer Loyalty & Rewards Programs Deliver Dividends

Reward your customers for shopping directly in your own custom branded app
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More For Your Customers, More for You

Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Combat barriers to entry, boost spending motivations, and keep customers in the spending loop with an easy-to-launch loyalty and rewards infrastructure.
Add Revenue Streams, Faster
Expect up to 400% higher returns when you make it easier for customers to spend. And get there faster with integrated experiences.
Make Data-Driven Revenue Decisions
With access to first-party data, learn more about your customer behaviors. Execute on revenue-driven decisions quickly, leveraging the power of AI.

Streamlined Payment Process

The Payment process is frictionless and simple, allowing users to make purchases right when they need to

Why Ionia?

With our patented geo-targeted promos, consumers receive ads and rewards that they actually want.
Launch a branded loyalty and rewards program painlessly with our white-label solution. Connect with our partners—over 500,000 potential rewards to offer your customers.
Over 500k Merchants to Shop
Instant Flexible Rewards
Share & Earn Referral Incentives

An Integrated Experience Your Customers Will Thank You For

Ionia’s Loyalty & Rewards Programs can zero in on your perfect customer. Find customers using:

Remove Acquisition Barriers

Friendly Promotional Competition

Loyalty Members Spend More

Added Value Builds Brand Affinity

Improve Net Promotor Scores

Increase Customer Retention With New Reasons To Stay

Offer Your Customers More

Our platform is ready to go when you're ready to provide better rewards to your customers
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